Sunday, May 20, 2007

DJ Magnet-Hip Hop on Pop: Magnet Mix 2

Part 1 - download here. Alternate here
1. The White Boy Is Back Intro (Everlast, Fatboy Slim)
2. I Got to Get Siouxsie (Siouxsie & Banshees, Tribe Called Quest, James Brown, Digital Underground)
3. Because I Got It Like That (Jungle Brothers)

4. Der Kommissar Is Jerking Out (the Time, After the Fire, James Brown)
5. Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim/Wildchild)
6. The Choice Is Yours (Blacksheep)
7. Bombs Over Baghdad (Brazilian Barbie Remix) (Outkast, Funk n Lata, James Brown, Ozomatli, Daniel Bedingfield)
8. Gotta Get Thru This (Daniel Bedingfield)
9. Boom I Got Your Girlfriend (Boys from the Bottom)
10. My Style Is Kinda Phat (Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
11. The Real Slim Shady (P-Funk Remix) (Eminem, George Clinton)
12. Jump Around (House of Pain, Bob Marley, Mixmaster Gee)
13. Unifed Rebellution (You Must Learn Mix) (Jurassic 5, BDP)
14. What's Golden (Duke of Loop Remix) (Jurassic 5, DJ Kool, Gene Chandler, De La Soul)
15. Check the Heat in Herre (Nelly, Tribe Called Quest, DJ Kool)
16. Check the Rhime (Tribe Called Quest)
17. Mastreaux's Theme/TMF Hitman's Theme (Mix Master Mike, Eric B and Rakim, LL Cool J, & more)
18. Milkshake (Ooh La La Remix) (Kelis, Wiseguys)
19. It's Tricky (I Felt A Little Ill Remix) (Run DMC, Prince, Beastie Boys)

Part 2 -
Download Here. Alternate Here.
20. I Wanna Be Your Cheap Lover (Prince Cheap Trick Beastie Boys)
21. Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim & Let the Body Move Remixes) (Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim, Shannon, Z-Trip (scratch))
22. Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em (One of the Connected Nights Mix) (Eric B. and Rakim, Eagles, Stereo MCs)
23. Work It (Missy Elliott, Madonna, Positive K, Cut Chemist)
24. Hella Intergalactic (Beastie Boys, No Doubt)
25. Hella Good (No Doubt)
26. Governor's Theme (Queen, Run DMC, Steve Miller & more)
27. Walrus' Theme (Will Smith, Beatles)
28. Fuzzy's Theme (Nerf Herder, Digital Underground)
29. My Posse's on Wax (Sir Mix-a-lot, U2, Scapegoat Wax)
30. Revenge of the Dope Fiend Beat (Scapegoat Wax)
31. Radio (Back in Black Remix) (LL Cool J, AC/DC)
32. Guaranteed to Rock You Out Your Drawers (Dave Matthews, Alicia Keys, LL Cool J, Jurassic 5, more)
33. La Di Da Di (Fantastic Voyage Mix) (Coolio, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh)

Cue Sheets available here: Part1 Part2


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